Snarskis - NFT Collection Launchpad Winner

Digital artist - Snarskis was announced the winner of Uptick Network organised event - NFT Collection Launchpad. With his exclusive OSG collection solely available on Uptick he created unique 10 pieces of Outer Space Genesis characters followed by 11th special edition drop. 

On the 1st of September, together with IRISnet we launched our joint NFT Collection Launchpad Event. Our aim with this campaign is to increase overall market activity on IRISnet; engage with and nurture talent from the creator community, and provide the promotional tools necessary for their collection to flourish in the market.

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I decided to get involved in NFT Collection Launchpad Event with IRIS Network. In order to participate I had to create a collection of minimum of 10 unique artworks. When I found out about this opportunity I thought that it will be a great opportunity to create a PFP collection that I always wanted. Earlear I played around with the Spaceman and space them around my creative exploration. Actually the Space theme is really something that I am passionate about. Therefore I decided to create a collection of 10 unique spaceman/women characters.

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